s::can Water Monitoring Systems

s::can is a world leader for submersible online UV-Vis spectrometer probes and provides monitoring systems and software for drinking, environmental, wastewater and industrial water applications.

Spectrometer Probes
s-can Spectro-lyser Absorption Spectrum Probe
s-can carbo-lyser Spectrometer Probe for Organic Carbon Load
s-can color-lyser Dedicated On-Line Color Monitor
s-can i-scan Multiparameter Spectrometer Probe
s-can multi-lyser Carbon and Nitrate Probe
s-can nitro-lyser Nitrate Concentration Spectrometer Probe
s-can ozo-lyzer Oxone Concentration Spectrometer Probe
s-can sulfi-lyser TSS and HS and NO3-N Spectrometer Probe
s-can uv-lyser 254nm Absorption Spectrometer Probe
Ion Selective Probes
s-can ammo-lyser eco/pro ion Multi-Parameter Ammonium Probe
s-can fluor-lyser ion Fluor Concentration Seletive Probe
Electrochemical Sensors
s-can chlori-lyser Chlorine Sensor
s-can pH-lyser pH and Temperature Sensor
s-can redo-lyser Redox Potential Sensor
s-can condu-lyser Conductivity Sensor
Optical Sensors
s-can oxi-lyser Dissolved Oxygen Probe
s-can soli-lyser Concentration of Suspended Solids Probe
Terminals and Software
s-can con-cube Compact Terminal for Data Acquisition and Station Control
s-can con-lyte Terminal with Backlit LCD Screen
s-can moni-tool Software for Sensor and Data Management
s-can vali-tool Software for Sensor and Parameter Validation
Monitoring Stations
s-can micro-station for On-Line Monitoring of Drinking Water
s-can micro-station for Online Monitoring of Wastewater
s-can nano-station for Compact Modular Monitoring