Instrumentation Service

We want you to get the most out of the instrumentation you buy from RAECO. So, if you need help with installation, training, or instrument calibration, you can count on us.

Onsite Training and Startup Service

When you order your instrumentation, ask about startup service. A factory-trained technician will come on site to inspect your installation, power up, program, test, and calibrate your instruments. If you need it, he can provide onsite hands-on training on new instrumentation, and refresher training for your more experienced staff. If you need it, he can even answer questions about operation and maintenance procedures, and teach you how to calibrate the instruments yourself.

Calibration and Maintenance Services

Some RAECO customers have asked us to provide regularly scheduled calibrations on their instrumentation. We'll be glad to take care of regular service for you. Calibration and service performed at regular intervals keeps your instruments operating at their best.

Our trained technicians use well-documented work instructions, with standards traceable to NIST, to perform routine calibrations and sensor replacements. They also use a computerized record-keeping system to keep equipment histories, and help accurately maintain records and schedules for ISO, OSHA, EPA, and QS requirements.

Instrumentation Repair
Some instruments cost thousands of dollars to purchase. And when they fail, replacement isn't always in the budget. When repair is your best option, call us. We offer complete in-shop repair capabilities on many brands and types of environmental, safety, and industrial hygiene instruments.
Phone Support
Got a question about your device? The RAECO inside and outside sales team are available to walk you through many of the issues and common questions you have about your instrumentation, without having to direct you to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer's technical help is required, our team members will make sure you get connected to the right person to solve your problem.
Online Training
Visit the RAECO Training Center for instant access to online videos to help you through many of the startup, calibration, routine maintenance, and practical application tasks of your instrumentation. You'll also find recordings of our educational webinars, presented by our manufacturer partners. For full user manuals and quick-start guides, visit the product page for your instrument.
Fill Out a Service Request Form
RAECO can help you, whether you're looking for one-time emergency service or long-term routine calibration and maintenance. Use the service request form to explain your needs. Our service team will get back to you to schedule a visit.