ABB MB3000-PH FT-IR Spectrometer for Pharmaceuticals

ABB's MB3000-PH FT-IR spectrometer for the pharmaceutical industry is designed for QA/QC, formulation, and research and development laboratory applications. It is versatile and can use a variety of swappable accessories that are pinned in place and do not require alignment.

In a highly regulated environment, reproducible spectroscopy is key. The MB3000-PH components do not require adjustment or any maintenance. The corner cube mirrors are permanently aligned with no need for dynamic alignment.

All optics are non-hygroscopic optics and purging is not required.

Key Specifications

  • Spectral range 485 to 8,500 cm-1
  • For QA/QC, formulation, research and development laboratory applications
  • Double pivot interferometer
  • Universal power supply
  • Horizon MB FT-IR software for spectra acquisition, processing and analysis
  • 10-year expected lifetime

Supporting Documentation

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