ABB MB3600-CH20 FT-IR Liquid Chemicals Analyzer

ABB's MB3600-CH20 FT-IR is a liquids chemicals analyzer for determining Hydroxyl Value (HOval) in polyether and polyester polyols, fatty alcohols, pentaerythritol, glycols, EO/PO and related chemistries. Additional polyol properties can be measured in the same analysis, such as moisture, acid number, and EO/PO ratio.

The MB3600-CH20 guarantees transferability of calibration models between laboratory and process applications. Analysis is performed using disposable vials, eliminating sample cell cleaning and results take just one minute after the sample has reached the fixed measurement temperature.

Key Specifications

  • Replaces costly and time-consuming wet chemical titration analyses
  • Higher analytical precision; increased repeatability, reproducibility and stability
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple components and key properties
  • Results in less than 2 minutes
  • Horizon software for easy data management

Supporting Documentation

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