SciAps Chem 500 Contact Raman Analyzer for Military and Law Enforcement

SciAps' Chem 500 offers analysis of fluorescing materials like explosives, precursors and narcotics at a better performance level and half the price of other analyzers in today's market. The Chem 500 features a 1030 nm laser for suppressed fluorescence, minimal pre-processing, superior signal-to-noise ratio, all providing faster testing times with less laser energy dumped into the sample.

The Chem 500 also offers improved operator safety and reduced risk of sample ignition during use. The device includes HazMasterG3, the industry's most widely used decision support software built in.

Key Specifications

  • Continuous and adjustable laser focus to eliminate error
  • Two vial sizes: standard 15 ml and smaller 8 ml available
  • Large, vibrant 5.5" color touch screen display
  • IR Status indicator for night and clandestine operations
  • Onboard HazMasterG3 software plus WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities for data download and reporting
  • Meets IP67 and Mil Spec 810g standards
  • Powered by Surefire 123A or Li-ion batteries

Supporting Documentation

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