SciAps Z500 Handheld LIBZ Analyzer for Metals and Alloys

SciAps' Z500 portable digital metals analyzer features a removable automated argon purge that provides up to days of testing. This Opti-Purge™ helps the Z500 yield 10 to 50 times better detection limits (depending on the element), in a handheld device. The Z500 can be used to analyze elements of all weights from hydrogen to uranium — even carbon!

The Z500 has a large 5" color touchscreen display for easy results viewing. Powered by Google Android SHARE, the Z500 lets you instantly share your data via Bluetooth or wireless.

Key Specifications

  • Removable argon purge that provides up to days of testing
  • Auto-calibration between tests as needed
  • Fast, easy transfer of results and reporting with Bluetooth, wireless, and compatible Google Android SHARE
  • Durable quartz front window — no fragile x-ray detectors!
  • 5" color touchscreen display with pinch/zoom capability
  • High resolution camera and video capability with autofocus
  • Comes with dual hot-swappable Lithium Ion batteries

Supporting Documentation

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