Bios Defender 500 Series Volumetric Primary Flow Standards

Bios Defender is the next generation DryCal dry flowmeter that provides users with a primary flow standard for industrial hygiene, environmental and laboratory applications. Available in two models for application expansion: use the Defender 510 to calibrate personal air samplers and other volumetric instruments, or the Bios Defender 520 "three-in-one" to calibrate volumetric instruments, record ambient temperature and pressure conditions for your audit trail, or calibrate devices that read in mass flow.

Key Specifications

  • Replacement for Bios DryCal DC-Lite Flow Calibrators
  • Percent of reading accuracy supported by NVLAP NIST ISO 17025 accreditation
  • Choose between flow units — mL, L, cc, or cfm
  • Take individual readings, continuous hands-free readings, or set to read in time intervals from one to sixty minutes between readings
  • Integrated serial PC interface and software for transferring flow data to a PC, and automatic recording and graphing of flow measurements

Supporting Documentation

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