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Sensidyne Gilian 5000 Personal Air Sampling Pump with High Back Pressure Capabilities

Looking for an air sampling pump with high back pressure capabilities? Do your sampling pumps fault out because the back pressure capability isn't high enough? How much time do you waste on bad samples and pump failures?

NIOSH requirements for air sampling pumps specify high back pressure capabilities sufficient to keep pumps from faulting out during sampling. The Gilian 5000's higher back pressure capability lets you perform specialized sampling applications. It's the ideal device for monitoring worker exposures to hazardous gases, vapors, and particulates.

The Gilian 5000 is a suitable functional replacement for Sensidyne's retired model Gilian 3500.

Key Specifications

  • Back pressure capability from 20" H2O at 5 LPM to 70" H2O at 1 LPM
  • Constant flow control operation from 1000 to 5000 cc/minute
  • Low flow, constant pressure adapter for 20 to 800 cc/minute sampling, including multi-flow sampling
  • Digital flow display with 30-day calibration
  • Intuitive, simple four-key operation with no confusing symbols or codes
  • Safe, memory-free, environmentally friendly NiMH batteries with four-hour recharge
  • Intrinsically safe with certifications in North America and Europe

Supporting Documentation

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