Testo 340 Multigas Portable Analyzer for Combustion Tuning

The Testo 340 flue gas analyzer is the ideal portable instrument for maintenance and tuning of engines, boilers, furnaces, and process applications. It provides you the information you need to make critical business decisions, confirming proper system setup and identifying emissions problems before they get costly.

A variety of sampling probes, sensor protection, automatic data logging and improved memory management, plus the straight-forward keypad and easy-to-read display make the Testo 340 a must-have in your tool kit.

Key Specifications

  • Holds up to four gas sensors (O2 plus three more)
  • Automatic dilution feature extends range of CO sensor to 5X
  • Calculates CO2, efficiency, excess air, and mass emissions (when used with a Pitot tube)
  • On-board memory with five automatic short-term logging programs; Memory management for up to 100 folders with 10 sites each
  • Built-in diagnostics for leak check, error code, and sensor performance
  • Compatible with Bluetooth for data transfer, and Testo easyEmissions software for real-time analyzer control, data management, and reporting
  • Replacement for the retired Testo 335 portable combustion analyzer

Supporting Documentation

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