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GE's Bently Nevada 2300 Series Continuous Vibration Monitor

GE's Bently Nevada 2300 Series provides continuous vibration monitoring and protection of low- to medium-criticality machinery to help optimize the life your equipment through data-driven decisions. The Series 2300 monitor is available in two models: The 2300/20 model offers two 4/20 mA outputs and the 2300/25 comes with an SPA output for System 1 connectivity.

2300 series vibration monitors deliver both vibration detection/monitoring and high vibration alarming backed by two channels of seismic or proximity measurement inputs, a speed input channel for time-synchronous measurement, and outputs for relay contacts or connection to a DCS or SPA interface.

Key Specifications

  • Continuous vibration monitoring and protection
  • Three input channels for seismic or proximity measurement, accelerometer, Velomitor, or Proximitor, and speed
  • Two 4-20 mA outputs with internal current loop power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T connection for configuration using included Bently Nevada monitor configuration software
  • Hazardous Classification: Class I, Division 2
  • Connects with SCOUT100 and SCOUT200 portable vibration analyzers

Supporting Documentation

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