Honeywell Analytics 705 HT High Temperature Explosion-Proof Sensor for Combustible Gases

Honeywell's Model 705 HT sensor is an explosion proof sensor designed to detect combustible gases in high temperature and hazardous areas. The 705 HT has poison-resistant detectors and can measure ranges from 0-20% to 0-100% LEL.

Typical applications include turbine enclosures and drying ovens used in solvent based printing and coating machines.

Key Specifications

  • Response time: T60 less than 6 seconds, T90 less than 10 seconds
  • Operating temperature range: -13° to 302°F (-25° to 150°C)
  • Operating pressure: 75 to 110kPa (750 to 1100mbar)
  • 110 V or 220 V power options
  • High-grade aluminum construction; UL approved explosion proof enclosure
  • Certification: Class 1, Div 1, groups B, C, and D Tamb: -25° to 15°C

Supporting Documentation

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