Honeywell Analytics SPM Flex Single Point Chemcassette® Tape-Based Gas Detector

Honeywell's SPM Flex is a portable or field-mountable tape-based gas detector for emergency response and toxic gas monitoring. It can detect ultrasensitive gases like hydrides, oxidizers, mineral acids, and amines. And all you do to detect a different gas is change the ChemCassette and pick your gas from the LCD menu. The unit gets up and running within two minutes, so your response team can quickly gear up and go onto the site.

The SPM Flex is designed to be easy to carry, operate, and read — even when you’re wearing a hazmat suit or other protective gear. With the crisp display and color-coded LED, you can see alarm status, gas concentration, and data readings at a distance, so you’ll always know the health of your unit and the safety of your area. Want to monitor over the web? SPM Flex is Ethernet-ready, so you can read the unit’s status over a standard web browser.

Key Specifications

  • Portable or field-mountable unit with sample range up to 100 feet
  • Chemcassette tape-based gas detection for hydrides, mineral acids, oxidizers, amines, phosgene, diisocyanates, hydrazines, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide
  • LEDs for alarm, normal condition, and fault plus audible alarms
  • Color LCD display with large four-button interface
  • Datalogging up to three months plus one-year event history
  • Outputs: Relays for Alarm 1, Alarm 2, fault; 4-20 mA; Ethernet with Modbus TCP/IP and web server; USB for memory stick configuration and data transfer

Supporting Documentation

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