Honeywell Analytics Vertex M Multipoint Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Honeywell's Vertex M is a multipoint toxic gas monitoring system capable of monitoring up to three gas families and more than 40 gases.

The standard Vertex M includes one eight point-analyzer, with the option of adding up to 24 points of continuous gas detection. The Vertex M can detect gas at sampling points up to 400 feet away from the system.

Key Specifications

  • Cost-effective Honeywell XP Chemcassettes provide up to three months of continuous monitoring
  • Built-in configurable PLCs with optional 64 non-isolated relay contacts plus 32 isolated relay contacts
  • Easy front-panel access to analyzers, pumps, power supply and touch screen
  • Back-up pump and internal power module
  • No dynamic calibration required
  • Optional Chemcam camera for viewing stains and proof of gas event

Supporting Documentation

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