Meriam MFC 5150 Intrinsically Safe HART® Handheld Communicator

Meriam's MFC 5150 is a portable handheld HART communicator with a fast startup time for commissioning, configuring, and maintaining HART field devices. It's the first Class I, Div 1 intrinsically safe communicator that can read the complete library of HART device descriptions (more than 1200 field devices) with no translation (per HART Communication Foundation SDC-625 infrastructure).

This upgrade to the retired Meriam MFC4150 has larger onboard flash memory  and support for an 8GB SD card. It's the end of pick-and-choose "managing DD files" on your handheld — it can hold them all.

Key Specifications

  • 4.3" TFT color touchscreen display
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • General purpose and intrinsically safe models available
  • Ability to clone, upload, and download configurations
  • Can run in offline mode for editing and reviewing configurations
  • More than 1200 compatible HART® devices; No annual subscription required for firmware or DDF updates
  • LiIon battery for 10 hours continuous use with 100% backlight, 20 hours average use, and 40 hours standby between charges
  • Works with the Honeywell Analytics XNX universal gas transmitter

Supporting Documentation

Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.


Last Ed. Date: 01/21/2019 11:17 AM