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GE DigitalFlow DF868 Panametrics Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter  

GE’s DigitalFlow DF868 is a full-featured fixed-installation liquid flowmeter, designed to meet your flow metering and energy measurement needs. Patented Correlation Transit-Time™ digital signal processing provides drift-free measurement in both ultra-clean and most "dirty" liquids, including fluids with gas bubbles and entrained solids that would historically require the use of Doppler-type meters.

Using clamp-on flow transducers, the DF868 flow meter measures flow rate through metal, plastic or even concrete-lined pipes without penetrating the pipe wall.  Clamp-in wetted transducers can be attached to the inner wall of larger pipes, and come with dual element heads for 100% redundancy.

Key Specifications

  • Single-and dual-channel modes to reduce cost-per-measurement-point
  • Good for applications on pipe sizes from 1/2" to 300" and larger
  • Two independent programmable graphic LCDs
  • Three inputs, multiple analog, totalizer/frequency, and alarm relay outputs
  • Energy measurement option for velocity, volumetric, and energy flow rates
  • TransFlection mode for difficult multiphase fluids
  • Built-in 43,000-point datalogger, includes totalized flow and trend data

Supporting Documentation

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