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GE DigitalFlow GS868 Panametrics Ultrasonic Mass Flowmeter for Steam

GE's DigitalFlow GS868 is a full-featered flowmeter package for measuring the mass flow rate of saturated or superheated steam. The system consists of one or two pairs of transducers, preamplifiers, and an electronics console. Local and remote programming and output options let the DigitalFlow GS868 fit into any process.

The DigitalFlow GS868 comes standard with both analog and digital outputs. Six additional I/O boards can be added for analog outputs, analoginputs, RTD inputs, totalizer/frequency outputs, and alarm relays.

Looking for a transmitter version that can be mounted right at the measurement point? See the DigitalFlow XGS868i.

Key Specifications

  • For 2" to 48" pipe sizes, and a bidirectional range of ±150 ft/sec
  • Wide rangeability with 1500:1 turndown ratio
  • No moving parts; nothing to clog or wear out; Tolerant to dirty streams and media temperatures to 842°F
  • Type 4X/IP66 epoxy-coated aluminum weatherproof flowmeter housing, FM/CSA approved for Class I, Div 2, Groups A-D use; titanium or stainless steem wetted flow transducers
  • Flowmeter electronics can be mounted up to 500 feet from the transducers
  • 39-key tactile feedback membrane keypad for programming
  • Two independent software-configurable 64x128 pixel backlit LCD graphic displays for numerical or graphic display of logged data and diagnostics
  • Datalogging capacity more than 43,000 flow data points

Supporting Documentation

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