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GE DigitalFlow XGS868i Panametrics Steam Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter

GE’s DigitalFlow XGS868i is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measuring saturated and superheated steam. The electronics are housed in a compact transmitter that can be installed right at the flow measurement point, making transducer wiring easier, and reduces operation problems.

The measured flow velocity rate plus temperature and pressure inputs are fed into the onboard computer to calculate the steam mass flow rate, which can be displayed locally or transmitted to a remote system via your choice of analog or digital communications link. Like the full-featured GE DigitalFlow GS868, the XGS868i is available in single and dual channels for measuring two paths on a single pipe, or a single path along two different pipes.

Key Specifications

  • For 2" to 48" pipe sizes, and a bidirectional range of ±150 ft/sec
  • Wide rangeability with 1500:1 turndown ratio
  • No moving parts; nothing to clog or wear out; Tolerant to dirty streams and media temperatures to 842°F
  • Type 4X/IP66 epoxy-coated aluminum transmitter housing, rated for Class I, Div 1, Groups B-D Flameproof; titanium wetted flow transducers
  • Built-in infrared six-button front face keypad for full functionality
  • Optional two-line digital LCD display shows up to four measurement parameters in sequence
  • Optional datalogging capacity to more than 150,000 flow data points

Supporting Documentation

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