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GE Rheonik RHE Transmitters for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

GE Rheonik RHE series flow transmitters connect to Rheonik RHM flow sensors to output flow rate, density, and temperature. They provide analog current outputs, totalizer, pulse/frequency output (for custody transfer applications), up to three status outputs, serial output, and HART batch controller output. Models also support up to two status inputs to start/stop batch, reset totalizer or zero, and accept errors.

Features include low flow cutoff, response time, multiple I/O, selectable units, and scaling capabilities.

There's a Rheonik RHE transmitter to work in nearly any environment:

  Rheonik RHE14 Transmitter
Rheonik RHE07 Transmitter
Rheonik RHE08 Transmitter
Rheonik RHE11 Transmitter
Rheonik RHE12 Transmitter
MountingDIN RailPanelWallFieldField
HousingIP20/Type 1IP20/Type 1IP65/Type 4IP66IP66
Cl I, Div 2
Cl I, Div 1

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with GE Rheonik RHM series coriolis mass flow sensors
  • Programmable via buttons or behind-the-glass cover (RHE12)
  • Two-line, 16-character backlit LCD display
  • Up to two analog outputs, one frequency/pulse output, status or alarms
  • Serial interface or HART over RS232/485

Supporting Documentation

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