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GE Rheonik RHM Coriolis Mass Flow Sensors

All GE Rheonik coriolis mass flow meters are based on a patented Omega tube design with increased signal-to-noise ratio, for excellent performance and reliability. The combination of a patented torsion rod swinger with the Omega shape and support bars results in high accuracy measurement independent of pressure, even at very low flow velocities.

RHM coriolis flow sensors offer direct mass flow rate for liquids, sludge, and gases, all with high accuracies. These sensors are extremely resistant to gas bubbles entrained in the process stream, and are unaffected by viscosity, density, extreme temperatures, and pressure changes.

There's a Rheonik RHM flowmeter for nearly any flow application range:

Typical Measuring
Range (Parallel)
RHM0151/4"DN15 / 1/2"0.004 to 0.6 kg/min
RHM031/4"DN15 / 1/2"0.1 to 5 kg/min
RHM041/4"DN15 / 1/2"0.2 to 10 kg/min
RHM081/2"DN25 / 1"1 to 50 kg/min
RHM123/4"DN25 / 1"2 to 100 kg/min
RHM153/4"DN25 / 1"4 to 200 kg/min
RHM201"DN50 / 2"6 to 300 kg/min
RHM301-1/2"DN50 / 2"15 to 750 kg/min
RHM40DN80 / 3"30 to 1500 kg/min
RHM60DN100 / 4"60 to 3000 kg/min
RHM80DN150 / 6"160 to 8000 kg/min
RHM100DN200 / 8"240 to 12000 kg/min
RHM160DN300 / 12"500 to 25000 kg/min

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with GE Rheonik RHE series flow transmitters
  • Pressure ratings up to 13050 PSIG
  • Temperature ratings from -328° to 750° F
  • ATEX and CSA hazardous area approvals
  • Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Money, and Tantalum wetted parts standard

Supporting Documentation

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