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GE PanaFlow Z1G Panametrics Ultrasonic Volumetric Gas Flowmeter

GE's PanaFlow Z1G is a single-or dual-path wetted ultrasonic volumetric flowmeter designed specifically for accurate measurement in difficult gas process conditions and applications like coal-seam methane wellhead, natural gas production, vent gases, biogases and waste gases, and vapor recovery.

The Z1G's transducers are equipped with enhanced sound isolation for conditions of extreme condensate and impurities. The meter design features enclosed transducers, cables, and junction boxes, minimizing the risk of environmental or accidental user interference that affects the flow measurement.

Key Specifications

  • For acoustically conductive gases
  • Fits 3", 4", or 6" pipe sizes
  • Operating temperatures range: -4° to 176°F
  • Provides ±0.5% accuracy and peace-of-mind redundancy
  • With no interference from welds, an all-cast body provides high accuracy flow measurements, even at low flow conditions
  • Field-replaceable transducers for easy maintenance
  • Ex-D certified for hazardous installations

Supporting Documentation

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