Process Gas Analyzers

Emissions Analyzers
Applied Analytics OMA 406R Rack Mounted Process Analyzer
Applied Analytics OMA 300 H2S Analyzer
Applied Analytics TLG-837 In-Situ Tail Gas Analyzer
Applied Analytics TSA 100 Total Sulfer Analyzer
Gasmet CX4000 Continuous Gas Analyzer for Waste Incineration and Cement Plants
Gasmet CX4015 Continuous Gas Analyzer for Industrial Air Quality Monitoring
Gasmet FCX Wall Mounted Continuous Gas Analyzer
Gasmet In-Situ Continous Gas Analyzer for Stack Monitoring
Siemens FLK Probe for Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide & Nitrogen Oxide
Extractive Analyzers
Applied Analytics OMA 300 Process Analyzer
Applied Analytics OMA 206P Portable Analyzer
GE Panametrics Aurora Tunable Diode Laser Moisture Analyzer
GE Panametrics oxy.IQ Digital Oxygen Transmitter
GE Panametrics XMTC Thermal Conductivity Binary Gas Transmitter
PID Analyzers Model 301-C Process Gas Chromatograph
Siemens Calomat 6 Extractive Hydrogen and Noble Gas Analyzer
Siemens Calomat 62 Extractive Process Gas Analyzer for Corrosive Gas Mixtures
Siemens FIDAMAT 6 Flame Ionization Detector for Extractive Gas Analysis
Siemens OXYMAT 6 Paramagnetic Analyzer for Oxygen in Corrosive Gases
Siemens Oxymat 61 Extractive Oxygen Gas Analyzer
Siemens OXYMAT 64 Extractive Analyzer for Trace Oxygen Measurement in Pure Gas Applications
Siemens Ultramat 6 NDIR Two-Beam Alternating Light Analyzer for Hydrocarbons
Siemens Ultramat 23 IR Active Component Extractive Process Gas Analyzer
Siemens Ultramat/Oxymat 6 Paramagnetic Oxygen & NDIR Extractive Process Gas Analyzer
FTIR Analyzers
Gasmet DX4000 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer for Stack Emissions Monitoring
Gasmet DX4015 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer for Ambient Air Analysis
Gasmet DX4040 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer for Monitoring VOCs, TICs, Waste Anesthetic Gases, and Unknowns
In Situ Analyzers
Siemens SITRANS SL Diode Laser In-Situ Oxygen Analzyer
Siemens LDS 6 Laser Analytics In-Situ Tunable Diode Laser Process Gas Analyzer
Moisture Analyzers
GE Panametrics Dew.IQ Real-Time Trace Moisture Analyzer
GE Panametrics Moisture.IQ Six-Channel Process Moisture Analyzer
GE Panametrics IQ.probe Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe for dew.IQ Analyzers
GE Panametrics OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for High Precision Humidity Measurement
GE Panametrics PM880 Intrinsically Safe Portable Digital Hygrometer
Sample Gas Conditioning Systems
Perma Pure GASS-2040 Sample Gas Conditioning System