GE Aurora Trace High Definition Laser Moisture Analyzer for Gas Applications

GE's Aurora Trace analyzer uses high definition laser absorption spectroscopy (HDLAS) to accurately measure moisture in natural gas. When the smallest amount of moisture can shut down a large LNG facility, can you afford not to have the most accurate analyzer available?

Aurora Trace's fast response quickly alerts and documents when moisture concentrations exceed acceptable levels. When process upsets are corrected, the fast response assures that the process gas meets required specifications and contractual requirements. Aurora Trace is always monitoring, works continuously without interruption, doesn't require baselining, and is able to measure without zero or span gases

Key Specifications

  • Meausring range 0 to 1000 PPMv (calibrated from 0 to 400 PPMv)
  • High precision, ±2% reading accuracy
  • Integrated sample conditioning system provides filtration, pressure regulation, and sample flow control
  • Optional built-in verification system produces known moisture concentration
  • Pre-wired and pre-plumbed — just connect the power and gas sample line
  • Three programmable 4-20 mA output signals plus Modbus RTU, Ethernet, or Foundation Fieldbus communications

Supporting Documentation

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