GE Aurora Tunable Diode Laser Moisture Analyzer

GE's Aurora analyzer uses tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to accurately measure moisture in natural gas. It's designed for the transportation and distribution of natural gas in pipelines where water is a contaminant. Aurora's fast response quickly alerts and documents when moisture concentrations are out of compliance.

The GE Aurora system is certified for use in hazardous areas. Its stainless steel construction and other inert wetted parts result in a hygrometer that doesn't drift and is immune to contaminants. A backlit three-parameter LCD provides direct readout of measured parameters plus an indication of system status.

Key Specifications

  • Meausring range 0 to 5000 PPMv
  • Optical response time less than 2 seconds
  • No cross-sensitivity to glycols or other contaminants
  • Provides continuous data without the need for a grab sample
  • No sensing surface to degrade over time, so there's no calibration or maintenance needed
  • FM Class I, Div 1 certified for use in hazardous areas

Supporting Documentation

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