GE DewPro MMY245 Portable Moisture Analyzer for Gases

Use GE's DewPro MMY245 portable quick-responding moisture analyzer to measure the dewpoint within gases, to spot-check the performance of gas dryers for compressed air, breathing air, pure gas supplies, or SF6 gas in power switches. The NEMA 4X/IP66 impact-resistant plastic case is intrinsically safe, fully portable, and runs on four D batteries.

Add an optional pressure sensor for real-time correction of concentration units of measure, or as a pressure contant for stable pressure measurements. Non-intrinsically safe voltage or current outputs can be added (requires an external 0-5 VDC power source) for use in non-hazardous environments.

Key Specifications

  • Portable, intrinsically safe analyzer measures dewpoint within gases
  • Pressure dewpoint measurement range of -148° to 68° F
  • Readout in dewpoint °F or °C, ppmv, lb/MMSCF, g/m3, g/kg, %RH
  • Planar sensor in desiccant chamber provides fast response
  • Large, four-digit LCD display with rate-of-change bargraph indicator, low battery indicator
  • Optional non-intrinsically safe 0-5 VDC or current outputs (require external power supply)
  • Can be used as field validator for GEDewPro MMY transmitters

Supporting Documentation

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