GE IQ.probe Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe for dew.IQ Analyzer

GE Panametrics IQ.probe aluminum oxide moisture probe measures moisture concentration in gases from trace to ambient levels. It's compatible with the Panametrics dew.IQ analyzer for applications including industrial gas, furnace gas or heat treating, power generation, air dryer, pharmaceutical, or aerospace.

The IQ.probe is designed to be located at the process, exactly where the measurement is needed. The sensor can withstand process temperature excursions up to 158° F and process pressures from vacuum to 5000 psig. The probe can be located up to 3000 feet from the analyzer, connected by cost-effective, unshielded, AWG 22 twisted-pair cable, so it can be installed without the cost, delays and installation problems associated with special cabling.

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with GE dew.IQ single channel trace moisture analyzer
  • Measures moisture concentration in gases from trace (ppb) to ambient levels
  • Connects to analyzer with twisted pair cabling, so it can be mounted up to 3000 feet away
  • Built-in electronics with 16-bit resolution to detect ppb changes in moisture concentration
  • Calibration data stored in non-volatile EEPROM, calibrations traceable to NIST

Supporting Documentation

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