Siemens CALOMAT 62 Extractive Gas Analyzer for Corrosive Gas Mixtures

Siemens CALOMAT 62 is an extractive gas analyzer designed for applications in corrosive gases. It can measure the concentration of gas components like H2, NH3 or CO2 in nitrogen, SO2 in air, or CO2 in hydrogen. It can be used for chlorine-alkaline electrolysis, steel mills, liquified natural gas, ammonia, and fertilizer plants.

The CALOMAT 62 is available in the compact 19" rack unit housing or in the IP65 field case with gas-proof separation of the electronics and analyzer components. For fast, simple maintenance, the CALOMAT can communicate over TCP/IP Ethernet with Siemens' SIPROM GA software.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring range 0-100% volume, detection limit 1% range
  • Specifically designed for applications with corrosive gases
  • Integrated cross-interference correction, no external calculation required
  • Gas-tight separation of electronic and analyzer components
  • Four freely-programmable linear measuring ranges with suppressed zero
  • Optional SIPROM GA network for maintenance and service information

Supporting Documentation

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