Siemens FIDAMAT 6 Flame Ionization Detector for Extractive Gas Analysis

The Siemens FIDAMAT 6 is an extractive process gas analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon total content. The FIDAMAT 6 uses a flame ionization detector (FID) to measure the number of C-atoms in the molecule being analyzed.

The FIDAMAT 6 has a high, adjustable operating temperature that allows for the measurement of high-boiling mixtures and the measurement of hydrocarbons at vapor concentrations up to 100%.

The FIDAMAT 6 can be used for a variety of applications ranging from trace measurement of hydrocarbons in pure gases to total content measurement of hydrocarbons in corrosive gas environments.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring range 0-99,999 vpm, detection limit 50/100 ppb
  • Four freely parameterizable linear measuring ranges with suppressed zero
  • Complete heated gas path up to 200°C for measuring corrosive gases and those with moisture content up to 100%
  • Extremely low cross-sensitivity to interfering gases
  • Low consumption of combustion air
  • Low influence of oxygen on measured value
  • Warning and fault messages for failure of combustion gas, if flame is extinguished and to indicate pump or filter faults
  • Corrosion protection by pump shutdown in case of a deviation in setpoint temperature of oven or pump heating system

Supporting Documentation

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