Siemens Ultramat 23 IR Active Component Extractive Process Gas Analyzer

ULTRAMAT 23's multi-component design with NDIR sensors for IR-active gases and an electrochemical cell for oxygen measurement make it an economical and space-saving device for accurate gas measurement. The integrated automatic calibraiton function using ambient air reduces the need to check with calibration gases to just once per year.

Multi-layer detectors guarantee high selectivity and reduced water vapor interference. The measuring cells used are robust and resistant, and can be cleaned in the event of pollution. ULTRAMAT 23 also supports two freely configurable undershoot and overshoot limit values per measured gas.

Key Specifications

  • IR wavelength 2 to 9 µm, CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4, plus O2 (via electro-chemical cell)
  • Versions for one, two, or three infrared-sensitive gases plus O2
  • Infrared sensors plus electrochemical measuring cell
  • Highly selective by multiple layer detectors
  • AUTOCAL in process with ambient air- high efficiency, so no calibration gas or accessories are required
  • Supports one analog output and six relay outputs, two analog inputs and six binary inputs
  • RS-485 interface standard with optional PROFIBUS DP/PA

Supporting Documentation

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