Siemens Ultramat 6 NDIR Two-Beam Alternating Light Analyzer for Hydrocarbons

ULTRAMAT 6 single channel or dual-channel gas analyzers operate according to the NDIR two-beam alternating light principle, and measure highly selective gases with absorption bands in the infrared wavelength range from 2 to 9 µm. Single-channel analyzers measure up to two gas components. Dual-channel analyzers measure up to four gases simultaneously.

The gas proof seperation of the electronic and physical components of the field-mount analyzer with IP65 protection and purging gas connection guarantees a long service life, even in severe ambient conditions.

Key Specifications

  • IR wavelength 2 to 9 µm, CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4, hydrocarbons
  • Highly selective with double-layer detector and optical coupler for reliable measurement even in complex gas mixtures
  • Corrosion-resistant materials in gas path
  • For boiler control in combustion plants, emissions measurement in incineration plants, process gas concentrations in chemical applications, environmental protection, MAC-value workplace monitoring and warning equipment
  • Ex versions to analyzer flammable and non-flammable gases or vapors in hazardous areas
  • Supports one analog output and six relay outputs, two analog inputs and six binary inputs
  • RS-485 interface standard with optional PROFIBUS DP/PA

Supporting Documentation

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