BW Technologies MicroDock II Automatic Test and Calibration Station

The most cost-effective way to manage calibration and bump testing of BW Technologies portable gas detectors is through the MicroDock II automated test and calibration system. Fully portable and easily expandable, the MicroDock II requires no computer, and provides simultaneous management of up to ten plug-in modules. Minimize expenses and maximize productivity with MicroDock II.

Key Specifications

  • Verifies performance of detectors, including testing audible and visual alarms
  • Compatible with these BW Technologies models: GasAlert Quattro, GasAlert MaxXT II, GasAlert MicroClip XL and X3, GasAlert Extreme, GasAlert Micro5 Series, BW Clip and GasAlertClip Extreme (2- and 3-year)
  • Mix modules for different GasAlert gas detectors in one MicroDock II system
  • Fully automatic "hands-free" calibration and functional bump testing
  • Stores and updates device calibration records in the MicroDock II and within the datalogging instruments
  • Entirely self-contained, no computer required
  • Easy expansion: Add extra self-contained dock modules via simple plug-in connection; No external pressure transducers or gas lines necessary
  • Includes BW Fleet Manager II software for easy data analysis

Supporting Documentation

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