BW Technologies ConneXt Loneworker Wireless Gas Detection System

ConneXt Loneworker provides real-time visibility on the safety and location of your lone workers, so you can protect your people and assets, and ensure that your lone workers are never completely alone.

With ConneXt Loneworker, your remote workers are only a click away — no matter how remote their location. Give a wireless ConneX1 gas detector to each worker and install the wireless router in their truck. You'll use the web-based Trakopolis platform for real-time monitoring of your workers’ gas readings, location and safety status.

Key Specifications

  • Track the location, safety, and driving behavior of lone workers at all times: Uses satellite signals to ensure two-way communications when cellular networks aren't available
  • Get instant notifications of gas alarms and man-down alerts, so you can plan the right response
  • Send and receive messages from multiple lone workers, all in one interface
  • Includes a vehicle-mounted wireless router, Trakopolis web-based monitoring platform, cellular/satellite network communications
  • Compatible with BW Technologies ConneX1 wireless single gas detector with H2S sensor or MicroRAE wireless four-gas monitor (O2, CO, H2S, LEL)
  • Trakopolis web-based monitoring platform combines maps and custom overlays for easy, precise tracking and worker communication
  • Add an IntelliDoX docking station for automated bump testing and calibration on ConneX1 wireless gas detectors
  • or AutoRAE 2 for the MicroRAE

Supporting Documentation

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