Honeywell ConneXt Plus Temporary Wireless Safety Network for Short-Term Gas Detection

Honeywell ConneXt Plus is a configurable and powerful wireless gas detection system designed to fulfill your short-term monitoring needs. It links personal and portable gas detectors together through portable wireless infrastructure that can be easily moved for your next project.

Real-time gas detection, alarm status and location data can be delivered from RAE Systems, BW Technologies and Honeywell Analytics personal, portable or area monitors to a centralized station, where the information can be used to regulate or verify process controls, elevate worker safety standards and protection, improve asset and risk management, and meet regulatory compliance. ConneXt enables the safety manager to create automated reports and conduct remote instrument configuration and diagnosis.

ConneXt provides your plant manager real-time information to identify gas leaks faster than before, know the exact gas concentration level, and verify where to look first when searching for exposed workers or conducting Man Down rescues. ConneXt can prevent a hazardous gas leak from becoming a disaster, potentially saving lives, reducing plant downtime, and avoiding potential regulatory fines and liability costs.

ConneXt Plus wireless safety system can deployed rapidly, in hours instead of days, and is ideal for plant turnarounds and overhaul, incident response, remote site monitoring and mobile workforces.

Key Specifications

  • Temporary wireless gas and radiation monitoring network for up to 64 devices, designed for group/zone areas
  • Provides real-time gas readings, alarm status, and location data
  • Communicates through portable wireless modems
  • Real-time wireless connectivity to host with ProRAE Guardian software

Supporting Documentation

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