RAE Systems MeshGuard Wireless Gas Detection System

RAE Systems' MeshGuard wireless system makes industrial and remote monitoring gas detection applications more affordable and easier to implement. The system includes field-ready intrinsically safe sensors, multichannel controller, PC management software, plus range extender (wireless router/repeaters), data readers, and alarms.

Safety personnel will get up-to-date information from a network that quickly relays data regarding dangerous gases to an easy-to-understand central system. MeshGuard is fully supported by the ProRAE Guardian software platform.

Key Specifications

  • Intrinsically safe field sensors with IP-65 weather-resistant, and splash guard equipped enclosures
  • Multichannel controller or PC software control for real-time wireless data collection and viewing
  • Self-healing network automatically routes data back to controller through best wireless path available
  • Self-forming wireless network; units come online automatically
  • Accessories include wireless router and range extender, reading device for PC-based control, alarms, and field power

Supporting Documentation

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