RAE Systems Safety Communicator for Remote and Personal Safety Monitoring

RAE Systems' Safety Communicator is a mobile application and phone that enables real-time communication between a worker’s personal safety instruments, like wearable gas detectors, and a remote monitoring system (like ProRAE Guardian). Together, the phone and application act as a worker's communication hub, collecting instrument readings, alarms from instruments, and working location over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and transmitting them in real time to a remote system over a 3G/4G communication network. This provides the information to safety managers, so they can quickly react and provide necessary assistance in case of emergencies.

Up to eight RAE Systems MicroRAE gas detectors can connect by Bluetooth to a single Safety Communicator. You can download Safety Communicator app from Google Play store free of charge on one of the supported phones: Samsung Galaxy S5, Sonim XP7, or the intrinscially safe Sonim XP7IS (running Android OS 4.4 or newer).

If you want to transmit your readings to ProRAE Guardian system, you'll need a ProRAE Guardian license. If the Safety Communicator can't communicate with ProRAE Guardian due to network unavailability, it stores instrument readings on the phone and transmits readings as soon as it detects network connectivity.

Key Specifications

  • Free application for Android-based smart phones (Samsung Galaxy S5, Sonim XP7 and intrinsically safe Sonim XP7 IS)
  • Connects up to eight RAE Systems MicroRAE personal four-gas monitors via BlueTooth (Other gas detector models to be made compatible in the future.)
  • Transmits instrument readings, alarms, and worker location via 3G/4G wireless communications
  • FCC, IECEx, ATEX, CSA, CE approved

Supporting Documentation

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