Senscient ELDS Laser-Based Open Path Gas Detection System for Toxic and Flammable Gases

Senscient Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS™) gas detection protects workers in industrial facilities where toxic or flammable gases are used or produced. The ELDS sends a laser-generated light signal from a transmitter to a separate receiver unit, where the signal is processed to determine gas concentration. It's designed for harsh environments and even works in heavy rain and fog with best-in-class tolerance to water vapor interference.

The ELDS system is designed to keep your personnel safe in high risk environments while still saving you ongoing operation and maintenance costs. It reduces false alarms, doesn't need routine sensor replacement, and with its Bluetooth connectivity to troubleshoot and pull data, it keeps your personnel off ladders, scaffolds, and platforms.

Key Specifications

  • Monitors the full path length instead of a limited number of specific points
  • Fast response and increased detection sensitivity for early warning for increased safety
  • No consumable parts: Reduces ongoing replacement and labor costs for sensing elements
  • Operates over long distances, saving installation cost over multiple fixed-point gas detectors
  • Gas-specific, so there's no false alarms from interference gases
  • SimuGas™ daily automatic gas testing saves you time and money
  • Connect by Bluetooth for interrogation, downloading event logs, and troubleshooting

Supporting Documentation

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