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Honeywell Analytics Impact Pro Weatherproof Portable Multigas Monitor

Honeywell's Impact Pro multigas monitor is designed to work how you want to: Gas checks prior to entering a confined space can be carried out using a drop line, hand aspirator, or the built-in pump that turns on and off automatically when the sampling tube is connected. Patented Surecell™ sensors ensure stable, accurate, and reliable operation. Large backlit display simplifies use and minimizes the need for operator training.

Sensor cartridge is pre-configured and pre-calibrated in a sealed container including installation instructions, calibration certificate and spare pump seal. Cartridge can be replaced in less than a minute.

Key Specifications

  • Simultaneously monitors and displays readings for O2, CO, H2S, and %LEL
  • Event and timed data logging
  • Three levels of instantaneous alarms, plus time-weighted average alarms on toxic gases
  • Base station combines functionality of PC data interface and battery charging
  • Compatible with Enforcer calibration system for testing and calibration in less than two minutes

Supporting Documentation

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