Honeywell Analytics XNX Universal Transmitter for Toxic, Oxygen, and Combustible Gas Detection

Reduce your inventory with a more flexible transmitter. One Honeywell XNX universal transmitter supports catalytic bead, electrochemical cells, and infrared. XNX comes standard with 4-20 mA and HART® outputs, and can easily integrate into a Modbus RTU network. 

The Honeywell XNX is compatible with the Meriam MFC 5150 HART® Handheld Communicator.

Are you getting the most from your existing gas detection system? Looking for upgrades to your out-of-warranty transmitters? Learn how one RAECO customer's minor toxic gas leak led to major safety system improvements.

Key Specifications

  • Universal transmitter takes any sensor input, with safety checks in configuration and setup: Electronics designed to confirm sensor type before operation, reducing installation and operation errors
  • Dual reservoir electrochemical cells, dual-compensated optics for point infrared, plus catalytic bead, open path IR, and IR cells
  • 4-20 mA with HART® standard; Modbus RTU communications plus optional internal relays for diagnostics and alarming
  • Better price-to-performance ratio than competitors' comparable units
  • Optional local IS port for handheld HART communicator
  • Easy gas and sensor readings with large backlit easy-to-view LCD display offers visual icons, colored buttons and text
  • Made in Lincolnshire IL, so factory tech support is right in our back yard

Supporting Documentation

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