Ion Science GasCheck G Portable Leak Detector for Non-Flammable Gases

Ion Science GasCheck portable gas leak detector can both detect and measure leaks of most known gases or gas mixtures. Its micro-thermal conductivity sensor responds rapidly to a leak, helping you detect even the smallest quantities of escaped gas.

This general service GasCheck G is calibrated against helium, and is designed specifically for search and location of non-flammable gases, like helium and CFCs. It is particularly sensitive to ammonia, SF6 and refrigerants.

Key Specifications

  • Thermal conductivity sensor detects Helium, Ammonia, SF6, and refrigerants
  • Datalogging for up to 36,000 points with time and date stamp
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Large backlit display
  • Battery operated, typically 40 hours of usable life
  • Replaces the retired GasCheck 3000 portable leak detectors

Supporting Documentation

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