Morphix Technologies Chameleon® Chemical Detection Kit

Morphix Chameleon field-configurable chemical detection kit provides a low-cost, easy-to-use, hands-free solution for first responders, military and industrial personnel. The Chameleon fits on the user's forearm, and is designed for easy on/easy off fit. It can be worn over most turn-out gear or level-A suits.

Chameleon sensors require no power or calibration, and change color when the toxic gas is present. Each disposable sensor cassette detects a different toxic gas, so the user can configure the reusable Chameleon armband for his specific needs. It detects gases and vapors in air where many other technologies only detect hazards in liquid or aerosol form.

Key Specifications

  • Use up to 10 different sensor cassettes on each reusable armband to detect a variety of chemicals
  • Simple visible indication of chemical exposure
  • Ignores interference from smoke or particles
  • Designed for use in extreme heat or cold, and wet or dry environments
  • Learn more about the chemicals Chameleon can detect

Supporting Documentation

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