TSI WIBGET WB-300 Portable Area Heat Stress Monitor

The TSI Wibget WB-300 is a portable heat stress monitor that is lets you monitor certain environmental factors that can contribute to heat stress.

The WB-300 gives an accurate reading to the 1/10th degree Fahrenheit or Celsius. It's commonly used in foundries, manufacturing plants, electrical utilities, food processing, military, mining sites and more.

Key Specifications

  • Direct reading of wet bulb, dry bulb, globe, WBGTin and WBGTout temperatures to identify heat stress factors
  • Accuracy: ±0.9 between 32° to 212°F
  • Sensor temperature 1000Ω platinum RTD
  • Operating range: Sensor 23° to 212°F; Electronics 23° to 140°F
  • AC adapter plus 9V Alkaline battery with battery life of 140 hours
  • Safety approvals: CE mark; compliance with EN 50014: 1997, and EN 50020: 2002 Environmental Safety Div.

Supporting Documentation

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