TSI QUESTemp® QT32, QT34, QT36 Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Heat Stress Monitors

Heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps, collapse, rashes and fatigue are all forms of heat-induced disorders that are either serious health risks themselves or can lead to serious compromises in safety. These risks can be diminished or prevented by implementing an effective heat stress program.

TSI Quest's portable heat stress monitors incorporate wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT) sensing technology. These portable instruments calculate and display a WBGT Index value that considers the affects of ambient air temperature, humidity, air flow (which provides an evaporative cooling effect to the body) and radiant heat from sources such as the sun, furnaces, ovens, and boilers.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control has produced "Protecting Yourself from Heat Stress" to help you identify the symptoms of heat stress illnesses, and steps you can take to reduce heat stress issues in your workplace.

Key Specifications

  • Heat stress monitor with an integral RH sensor for quick, accurate indoor or outdoor WBGT index values
  • Optimizes safe work time with real-time guidance on work/rest regimens
  • Meets ISO requirement for head, torso, and ankle measurements
  • Measurements up to 200 feet (60m)
  • 150-hour Alkaline battery, 300-hour rechargeable, or AC power adapter
  • QUESTemp 34 and 36 have datalogging function, and are compatible with 3M Quest software for data storage, retrieval, analysis, reporting and charting
  • QUESTemp 36 features multiparameter sensor for accumulations of temperature, humidity and air velocity data needed to calculate a variety of thermal comfort indices.

Supporting Documentation

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