Testo 550 Refrigeration System Analyzer

Testo's 550 refrigeration system analyzer measures temperature and pressure in a matter of seconds, and calculates superheat and subcooling for 31 pre-programmed refrigerants. It's designed to perform both timed pressure drop tests and standing pressure tests required for proper commissioning of AC/R systems. It's ideal for use in service, maintenance, and commissioning of all types of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems including the newest 16 SEER systems.

The Testo 550 features a two-way aluminum valve block with three 1/4" SAE connections, a built-in magnifying sight glass, two NTC temperature probes, and an easy-to-read backlit display. The unit ships complete with meter, clamp temperature probe, integrated hanger-hook, built-in hose holders, four AA batteries and calibration certificate, and can be ordered with an an additional clamp temperature probe and hard carrying case.

Key Specifications

  • Real-time superheat and subcooling calculations
  • 31 pre-configured refrigerant profiles for automatic P/T calculations
  • Confidently charge at outdoor temperature down to 55°F
  • Two NTC temperature probe inputs (order second probe separately)
  • Accurate up to 580 PSI. Max pressures to 870 PSI
  • Vacuum indication
  • Altitude compensation

Supporting Documentation

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