Testo 810 PocketPro Two-in-One Surface and Air Thermometer

Testo 810 is a dual-channel hand-held digital temperature monitor, with an infrared thermometer with laser spot marking for surface temperatures and an integrated NTC thermometer for air temperatures.

It’s ideal for measuring temperature differences between the air and walls, windows, or more. It’s excellent for pinpointing potential heat loss or gain areas. If you’re looking for a safe non-contact method for measuring heated pipes or moving parts (like motors), the Testo 810 is your match.

Key Specifications

  • NTC thermometer for air temperature, range -14° to 122°F, accuracy ±0.9°F
  • Surface temperature range 22° to 572°F, accuracy: ±3.6°F for -22° to 212°F, ±2% reading for rest of range
  • Infrared measurement with one-point laser sighting and 6:1 optics for surface temperatures
  • Displays differential temperature, minimum, and maximum;
    Units display in °C or °F
  • Battery operated, typically 50 hours of usable life, (without backlight)

Supporting Documentation

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