TSI Alnor Velometer Thermal Anemometers for HVAC System Performance

TSI Alnor Velometer thermal anemometers are ideal for accurate and precise air velocity measurements. They're great for troubleshooting HVAC systems and commissioning work.

The Model AVM410 is a basic digital anemometer, using a straight probe to measure air velocity and temperature. The more advanced AVM430 and AMV440 are datalogging models that use straight or articulated probes to measure air velocity, temperature, and flow. The AVM440 also measures humidity, wet bulb temperature, and dewpoint.

Key Specifications

  • AVM410: 0-4000 ft/min air velocity and 0° to 200°F temperature
  • AVM430: 0-6000 ft/min air velocity and 0° to 200°F temperature, volumetric flow rate
  • AVM440: 0-6000 ft/min air velocity and 14° to 140°F temperature, volumetric flow rate, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, and dewpoint
  • AVM430/440 provide datalogging for more than 12,700 samples and 100 test IDs at a logging interval of 1 second to 1 hour
  • TSI recommended replacement for retired Alnor Velometer Jr 8100 series analog thermal anemometers

Supporting Documentation

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