TSI PAN200 Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation System (PANDA) for Ventilation Testing

TSI's Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (PANDA) system PAN221-110 provides contractors, commissioning engineers, and research and development technicians the ability to quantify positive and negative air leakage in ductwork plus ability to measure the performance of ducted systems.

This easily transportable system includes both the TSI VelociCalc 9565-P and TSI DP-Calc 5825 to calculate leakage rates in real time, simultaneously display flow leakage rate and static pressure, monitor barometric pressure and temperature, and generate reports for standards compliance.

Key Specifications

  • Find and fix duct leaks to save energy
  • High accuracy gives confidence in measurements
  • High-flow fan for testing large duct sections
  • Pressurizes duct quickly, so testing can start in minutes
  • Provides pass/fail reporting for SMACNA, EN12237, EI1507, and Eurovent standards

Supporting Documentation

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