TSI VelociCalc® 9565 Multiparameter Ventilation Meter with VOC Probe

TSI's VelociCalc 9565 ventilation meters are portable, handheld, multifunction ventilation test instruments, available to work with a variety of "smart" plug-in probes, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs in PPB or PPM), CO2, and rotating vane probes.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring ranges (probe-dependent): 250-15,500 ft/min air velocity, 0-500 ppm CO, 0-5000 ppm CO2, low (ppb) or high (ppm) concentration ranges for VOCs, and 0°-200°F temperature (-40° to 1200°F with thermocouple probe)
  • Displays up to five measurements simultaneously on large LCD display
  • Calculates air flow, heat flow, turbulence, wet bulb and dewpoint temperatures
  • Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling applications
  • Manual or continuous datalogging function with capacity for more than 26500 samples and 100 test IDs
  • TrakPro and LogDat software included for transferring data to a PC and analyzing your results
  • Upgrade from the TSI VelociCalc Plus 8386 TSI VelociCalc 9555.

Supporting Documentation

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