E-Instruments AQ Comfort Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor

E Instruments' AQ Comfort was designed to help HVAC professionals measure up to six indoor air quality parameters at once including CO2, CO (optional), %RH, temperature, differential temperature, and differential pressure. It has an active internal sampling pump, and built-in Bluetooth communications. AQ Comfort's real-time continuous datalogging can be used to produce graphs, data review, and on-the-spot IAQ reports.

Key Specifications

  • Comes standard with gas sensor for carbon dioxide (0-20% or 0-5000 ppm CO2). Carbon monoxide (0-200 ppm CO) optional
  • Measures relative humidity, dewpoint, differential pressure, wet bulb and ambient temperature; Barometric pressure measurement optional
  • Internal memory holds up to 2000 tests; Datalogging PC software optional
  • Bluetooth communications standard; wireless Bluetooth printer optional

Supporting Documentation

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