E-Instruments AQ Expert Multiparameter Benchtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor

E Instruments' AQ Expert is designed or monitoring and logging indoor air quality tests in schools, hospitals, labs, clean rooms, and other buildings. The AQ Expert monitors up to 11 parameters at once, including up to seven different gases, and can log up to 2000 samples.

The AQ Expert provides continuous data for graphs, data review, and IAQ reports. You can save and graph data on your PC with AQ Gas datalogging software using the included USB cable or the built-in Bluetooth communications. Add an optional wireless Bluetooth printer for instant documentation of your tests.

The AQ Expert has an active internal sampling pump, large internal memory and easy to use menu system. It also has an easy built-in, menu-driven calibration process.

Key Specifications

  • Gas sensors for carbon monoxide (0-200 ppm CO), carbon dioxide (0-20% or 0-5000 ppm CO2), VOCs (0-200 ppm or 0-20000 ppb), formaldehyde (0-1000 ppb CH2O), nitrogen oxide (0-250 ppm), nitrogen dioxide (0-20 ppm NO2), oxygen (0-25% O2), ozone (0-5 ppm O3), hydrogen sulfide (0-100 ppm H2S), sulfur dioxide (0-100 ppm SO2)
  • Built-in sensors measure temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, and barometric pressure, and calculates air velocity
  • Calculates differential pressure and differential temperature
  • Real-time datalogging up to 2000 samples
  • Wireless bluetooth with dongle, PC software and USB included
  • Powered by Li-ion battery or AC charger

Supporting Documentation

Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.