E-Instruments AQ Pro Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor

E Instruments' AQ Pro handheld multiparameter IAQ meter is designed to help HVAC professionals detect pollutants before they become serious health and safety concerns. AQ Pro measures up to six parameters at once, including %RH, temperature, barometric pressure, air velocity. It supports up to three gas sensors, including your choice of O2, CO, CO2, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, O3, and formaldehyde. It has an active internal sampling pump, and supports dual Type K thermocouple input for differential temperature.

Like other E Instruments IAQ monitors, the AQ Pro stores up to 2000 tests in internal memory, and includes built-in Bluetooth communications. Add a wireless Bluetooth printer for on-the-spot reporting, and AQ Gas real-time datalogging PC software for data archiving, analysis, and reporting.

Key Specifications

  • Simultaneously measures up to six parameters
  • Can measure relative humidity, dewpoint, barometric pressure, differential pressure, wet bulb and ambient temperatures
  • Your choice of up to three gas sensors for carbon monoxide (0-200 ppm CO), carbon dioxide (0-5000 ppm CO2), formaldehyde (0-10 ppm CH2O), nitrogen oxide (0-250 ppm), nitrogen dioxide (0-20 ppm NO2), oxygen (0-25% O2), ozone (0-5 ppm O3), hydrogen sulfide (0-100 ppm H2S), sulfur dioxide (0-20 ppm SO2)
  • Internal memory holds up to 2000 tests; Datalogging PC software optional
  • Bluetooth communications standard; wireless Bluetooth printer optional

Supporting Documentation

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