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Applied Analytics OMA 300 Process Analyzer 

The OMA-300 is Applied Analytics' flagship analyzer, the cornerstone of thier technology. By nature, diode array detection has the flexibility to address a wide berth of applications. Scanning a broad, high-res spectrum produced by 1,024 photodiodes, the OMA-300 translates the absorbance of virtually any process to its live chemical composition.

Over 100 different chemicals are served and up to 5 stream chemicals can be measured simultaneously

Key Specifications

  • nova-II™ UV-VIS diode array spectrometer
  • Repeatablity is ±0.5% of scale
  • Photometric Accuracy is ±0.004 AU
  • For many applications, factory calibrated with certified calibration gases; for safety reasons, some applications require on-site calibration
  • Easy verification/validation with standard certified gas samples and neutral density filters

Supporting Documentation

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